NEC receives a pre-alert is sent by customer for a pick up with details of the shipment such as Part Number, XC number, So Number and Part Details.Truck is schedule every day for pick up of export from the partners to bring back to NEC warehouse. Once the export is received in our warehouse each of the box is open to make sure the contains are there, for Monitors our inspection team one by one inspect each monitor to see if there is any bleeding or there is any crack on it as CIDS, if any damage is found we take pictures of these damage monitors and send to the manufacturers for them to decide if we return these back to Partners or send back to Singapore as export.
On a weekly basis we custom process these parts and send back to Singapore by Air. Each AWB is inputted in the system for tracking the shipment. Our Partner in Singapore Network courier then clears Singapore customs and delivers it to manufacturer’s Warehouse in Singapore.